Reasons Why Not to Take Drugs

As a young teen or even a child, you might be exposed to some drugs around you and that’s why you need to learn how to say no to them. Every child has to learn this at a young age otherwise, your entire life could be ruined from the day you took a drug. In this article, you will see all kinds of reasons and benefits of why you shouldn’t take any drug or even alcohol. Everything that is addictive and ruining your health isn’t worth it, no matter what some people or other kids your age might say. In ten years or even less, when you see those people again, you will realize just how good of a decision you made by avoiding those drugs.

Physical Health

The number one reason why you shouldn’t take any drugs in your life, especially when you are a child or teen is that it will ruin your physical health. No matter what people are telling you, there isn’t a drug that is good for you, even marijuana is bad for your health because you are inhaling smoke which can cause lung or throat cancer easily. Saying no to drugs at the early age of your life can do you a lot of good things because you will be able to continue growing without any interruption from drugs or other addictions.

Family and Friends

One of the things that every drug addict will lose eventually is their real friends and even the connection with their family. If you don’t want to be left alone in this world, then you should better leave all the drugs and alcohol alone. If you start abusing drugs or other harmful substances, you will slowly start losing all the good friends out of your life without even noticing. One day you will wake up and you won’t have anyone around you who you can trust. As a drug addict, you will start stealing from your parents because they won’t be giving you money to buy those drugs, so you won’t have any other option but to steal from them or your friends.

Family and Friends


As a young teen, you still have your entire life ahead of you and you don’t want to ruin everything just because of some bad decisions that you made early on. Drugs will destroy your entire life and you won’t be able to pursue a career because nobody would want to hire an addict. Your career should be something that you work hard for from day one because that will decide your future.


Being an addict as a child or young teen, you won’t have any money to buy those drugs or cigarettes. Even if you start working at such young age, you will be spending all the money on those drugs. You won’t be able to save any of that money to buy yourself something nice such as a car or a home one day. Furthermore, as an addict, you will have a really hard time finding a regular job.